Welcome to my blog

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Welcome to my blog. This is hopefully the first post of many. In this blog I plan to talk about visual design, or specifically: data visualization, data analysis and user interface design.

I created this blog in order to spread my knowledge, to learn new things and to get better at what I do. Having recently finished my Bachelor’s Degree, I think this is a good way to continue learning. It’s time to work on real projects now.

What I have planned for the remainder of 2019 – as there are only three and a half months left in 2019 – is to get this blog up and running properly and post something new at least once a week. I’d like to explore and create visualizations specifically for this blog, but also talk about good creations and good creators I find in the wild.

Together with my new job, running this blog and doing my own thing in my spare time I’ll be busy for quite a while. :)


I plan to talk about a number of different categories related to the aforementioned disciplinaries. Right now I have a couple in mind, which can be filed under:

  • Fundamentals
  • Case studies (breakdowns, or dissecting a design’s numerous individual parts)
  • Statistics (data analysis, using R, Tableau or any other analysis software)
  • Design (making data readable, improving its visual literacy and making designs visually pleasing)
  • Maps (showing geographic data)
  • Coding (how to build all this cool stuff, mostly using d3/javascript)

You like dags?

Because I like dogs and data visualization, here’s a data visualization about dogs from the great Information is Beautiful website to start this blog off with.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards, Kenny